Website Development, Design, SEO and Social Media Services

Website Solutions

Our custom web design solutions are developed to increase your company’s online presence, search engine visibility and website performance. Inspired by your individual web design needs and objectives, MetaLogix focuses on long-term strategy to success by properly conveying your brand identity to propel your business forward at a pace the online community now expects.

MetaLogix standards for adequate web design and web marketing:

  • Unique, custom design
  • Clean look & feel for ease of use
  • 100% relevant information & content
  • Phase I Search Engine Optimization
  • Quality stock photography
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Web Usability


Search Engine Optimization

MetaLogix closely adheres to search engine submission guidelines to obtain targeted search engine rankings. MetaLogix focuses on in depth research of your industry and your competition to best advise you on your website design and to create a custom web marketing plan. We take this information and develop a search engine optimization campaign that will ensure a successful path to the goals you establish for your internet marketing plan. By leveraging the power of dynamic web content we are able to achieve top search engine rankings for our clients.

MetaLogix understands that no two search engine optimization campaigns are the same and that there is nothing that can make your site jump to the top of Google’s rankings overnight. Our long term approach to getting your site ranked (and keeping it there) depends upon your current website design, budget, keyword competition, number of keywords for which you would like to be ranked and a host of other factors. Through careful analysis we will be able to assess your current SEO and we will propose a plan to improve your internet footprint. The ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your website thus allowing it to become an additional salesperson for you.

Social Media


Social Media is about listening and interacting with your target market the right way that builds recognition, reputation, brand loyalty and ultimately drives sales. Let us help you develop a customized social media marketing strategy that will successfully engage and build relationships with your customers.

Organic Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the process of modifying the structure, design, and coding of a website to gain recognition from search engines and establish your website as a reliable, useful resource for their users. “Organic” refers to the un-paid search results that are determined by special algorithmic functions created by each search engine. These functions rank websites in search results differently, depending on the search query. Organic optimization is performed by editing the textual content, html coding, and linking structure on a website to increase the relevance of specific keywords and remove any obstacles to “indexing” (analysis of a website) by search engines. The best way to build website traffic and turn the internet into a significant lead-generating source is to attain high search result rankings on the primary search engines (Google, Yahoo! & Bing).

Organic optimization requires careful planning and implementation, which usually comes at a reasonable price. However, the actual ranking and positioning of your website in search engine results is a free service offered by all major search engines. Organic optimization will result in the acquisition of new customers at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Considering that millions of searchers worldwide are using search engines to find products and services they need, a small investment in organic optimization will result in a large return. Ranking highly in organic search engine results allows you to automatically show up in front of thousands of potential customers every month when your industry specific keywords are searched.

SEO Content Writing

As part of our proven SEO and online visibly strategy, MetaLogix provides professional content writing services via a la carte pricing or comprehensive internet marketing packages. Our experienced copywriters perform extensive background and competitor research for your industry, in order to create the most informative, compelling, and relevantly targeted content for your website.

Link Building

The value of link popularity is a part of your overall optimization strategy and resources must be dedicated to building link popularity if you wish to have a successful SEO campaign. MetaLogix link popularity building campaigns can help you obtain incoming links from high-quality sites, which complement your website through association. Not only will this increase your popularity in algorithm-based search engines but it will also drive valuable traffic to your site.

Pay Per Click Marketing

What if you could put your message & products in front of the consumer at the precise moment they’re looking for it? Well, with Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) and MetaLogix management you can. Pay Per Click offers significant advantages, when compared to traditional and other online media products. However, achieving these advantages with Pay Per Click Marketing is not quite as easy as you may think. Pay Per Click setup & management is a complex, confusing and time consuming process requiring proper strategy and implementation to maximize results.

Our process focuses on the development of your PPC campaigns through strategic keyword selection, bidding, ad copy development and monthly management of your account. These factors are important when evaluating your success.