Custom Software Development

No Guesswork

Your needs are our starting point. We take the time to understand your operation, so that we can meet your unique criteria and expectations, every time.

Custom Software Development verses Commercial Off –The- Shelf (COTS)

MetaLogix knows businesses need fast, innovative, cost effective solutions when it comes to software. Once a need has been determined decision makers stand at a fork in the road – Custom or COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf). The wrong decision can be costly not only in dollars and cents but also in time and effort.

Custom approaches meet the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. Through the rise of rapid application development frameworks complex custom software can be developed on an increasingly small scale. This means that companies of all sizes, not just the mega giants with deep pockets, are able to benefit from complex software based on pre-built building blocks which are then customized to suit.

Custom software solutions are developed to be unique and utilize the most progressive technologies along with preferences and expectations of the customer. Custom developed software may be designed in stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications.

The Pros of Custom Solutions

Custom built software gives you exactly what you need. Business rules are unique to each company and often a custom solution is the only way to assure compliance and improve work flow.

COTS Solutions lose value if they cannot produce the desired output. Reporting is key to optimizing business growth. Custom software allows for the creation of specific reports that give you the information the way you want it, not how the vendor thinks you need it.

In-house assistance will become more efficient when administrators are intrinsically involved.

Users understand their work flow needs and as a result a custom solution can be more effectively designed to increase efficiency.

Change is often an obstacle when introducing new software. When future users have input into the design of the new software they feel vested and part of the solution. The outcome is positive acceptance and a shortened learning curve because they’ve been exposed to the software during the development stage.

Best of Both Worlds – MCOTS (Modified COTS Solutions)

It is rare that a pre-developed solution will be able to meet all of a particular customer’s preferences and requirements as much as a customized solution. Often specialized requirements in many programs cannot be met by COTS alone. If there are capabilities you need that are not available in the standard offering, or if you want to automate tasks not already accomplished out of the box, MetaLogix can add this functionality for you offering customers the best of both worlds – Modified COTS.

If you have found a COTS Solution that is cost effective and a good fit for your business with just a few exceptions then MetaLogix can work with you to customize an off the shelf product to fit your needs. From deployment to integration with existing environments to refactoring and migration of a legacy system, MetaLogix can help you optimize your investment. Leverage the experience and expertise of top technology companies without sacrificing functionality critical to your individual success.

Did You Know?

As a Microsoft Partner MetaLogix proudly boasts expertise in the following:

Application Infrastructure Development focuses on delivering applications built using Windows Server 2008, BizTalk Server, SQL Server 2008, SharePoint Products and Technologies, and Visual Studio 2008.

Smart Client Development focuses on delivering custom-developed solutions accessed through a client like Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Office.

Web Development focuses on delivering Web-enabled deployment solutions required in organizations that wish to operate and transact through the Internet using Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET, IIS, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008.



MetaLogix has transformed the process of customizing software performance into a science. We first examine your corporate outcome requirements. Then we assist in defining the required performance of the software and the expectations of those using the program/s. It is only after this assessment that we develop the solution.