Business Process Automation

We Automate Your Business Process

Business processes are the backbone of all organizational efforts. The degree to which they are effectively carried out has a direct correlation to critical business goals such as customer retention, length of time it takes to fulfill a product order or service, and regulatory compliance. BPM supports the alignment of IT and business activities both within the organization and with business partners and suppliers . Managing business processes is critical for any sized organization that would benefit from greater visibility into and control over the processes that support their business goals. BPM links business and technology to support today’s efforts as well as build framework for the future.  MetaLogix provides business process automation solutions.

Benefits of Workflow Automation Solutions

  • Increased customer retention
  • Faster customer sales and services
  • Better access to resources and information
  • Reduced process time through process optimization and efficiency
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Improved process control, regulation and monitoring
  • Lowered risk of errors and security breaches through replacement of manual processes with automated ones
  • Improved efficiencies across organizational boundaries such as departments, branches and trading partners
  • Improved visibility, control, automation and integration Reuse and create new IT assets, through integration with legacy applications
  • Significant improvements in personal productivity and satisfaction as a result of greater insight into processes and improved workflow
  • Reduced risk, reduced waste and more profitable allocation of resources


“We have a responsibility to tax payers to spend our money wisely and give them the best service we can for the least amount of cost. With Workflow, we receive an impressive return of benefits for what we spent.”- Steve Collins, Information Technology Manager, SCDOT